The Archbishop Paul Verdzekov Memorial Heart Foundation (APAVMEHEF) is an apolitical, nonprofit, organization that was created in November 2010 in Shisong-Kumbo, Cameroon. The main aim was to raise funds for sponsorship of cardiac surgery for underprivileged patients. Its legalization was done on April 5, 2011 in Kumbo by Prefectorial Order Number 125/AR/E26/PS/118.

“To heal a heart is to strengthen humanity.”

Mission and objectives

– Identify cardiac patients at high risk nationwide and assist them avail of the services of the Cardiac Center of St. Elizabeth’s Catholic General Hospital Shisong irrespective of their gender, race, tribe, religion or political affiliation
– Raise awareness about the reality of cardiovascular diseases in our society and to solicit funds to support underprivileged patients with cardiac problems
– Encourage research in the cardiac center in order to ameliorate diagnosis and treatment
– Educate the population on heart risk factors (signs and symptoms) and to empower those living with cardio-vascular diseases to live at their best.
– Ensure pre and post counseling in the case of cardiac operations.

To heal a heart is to strengthen humanity. Also, the sickness of one member is the sickness of the whole family and of the entire community.

Its creation was inspired by our realization of patients’ genuine inability to afford bills for cardiac surgery, the effectiveness of solidarity ventures organized locally for this purpose and our coming to learn that cardiac centers in many parts of the world succeed through the efforts of Associated Foundations.

Our strength and ability to excel in healthcare sponsorship is guaranteed by our donors and members. Every day, children and adults throughout Cameroon, Africa, and the world die of heart-related diseases because their families cannot afford treatment which is many times what most Cameroonian families earn in a year. Many of the cardiac patients are children born with congenital defects that can cause extreme suffering and often death. The Heart Foundation (APAVMEHEF) works tirelessly to raise funds to support the underprivileged in need of surgery and treatment.

Target demographics

Underprivileged Children, Young Adultsand adults living with Congenital and Acquired Heart Diseases

Direct beneficiaries per year

13 patients for Surgery, 9 patients for Catheterization / Coronarography, 9 patients for Pacemaker Implantation, 42 patients admitted with Bills, 84 patients for Consultations & Drugs

Geographic areas served: Cameroon and West/Central Africa


Full / Partial Sponsorship for Cardiac Surgery, Consultation, Catheterization, Coronarography and Pacemaker Implantation. -Educating the population on Heart risk factors (signs and symptoms)