Saint Padre Pio Hospital started as a private clinic NOTRE DAME CLINIC DOUALA in 1986 by Dr. Arnold Yongbang. Due to some adverse economic circumstances, he decided to sell the clinic in 2001. He contacted his Eminence, Christian Cardinal Tumi, the then Arch bishop of Douala who channeled the offer to the Tertiary Sisters of Saint Francis. The proposal was accepted and agreed on June 16th 2002. Providentially, this date coincided with the canonization of Padre Pio. Hence the clinic was named Saint Padre Pio.

It obtained government civil permission to function as a health center in December 2003 and a decree to elevate to a hospital in June 2009. Since then the hospital has evolved in organization, technology, infrastructure and personnel.


At the moment Padre Pio Hospital has a total staff of 107 with 91 beds. We carry out an average of 2500 consultations per month and an average of 200 deliveries per month in the following services:

– General Medicine
– Gynaecology
– Cardiology
– Treatment center
– Primary Health Care
– Paediatrics/Neonatology
– Dentistry
– Surgery
– Imagery(x-ray, Ultrasound)
– Laboratory services

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