The Catholic Mission General Hospital, also known as St. Elizabeth Hospital Shisong or simply Shisong is the first and oldest of the health institutions of the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis in Cameroon. Founded in 1935, it has grown to be the present day structure with the General Hospital and the Cardiac Centre as two entities, that belong together but function autonomously. This site brings more information about each of the institutions and links us to the website of both entities. The later is still under construction and will be expected to go functional in the first half of 2021. We invite you to revisit the site for information and appreciation with time.

Short Story

St. Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital was started on the 15th of November 1935 as a small dispensary and maternity by five Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis from Brixen, South Tyrol-Italy, who had arrived in Cameroon on October 12, 1935 and reached Shisong on the 16th October, started as a clinic which was recognized as a hospital in 1952 given the Registration number 224. Later in 1974 the recognition was reconfirmed with the

In 1954 a training center was opened for midwives which today serves as the catholic school of health sciences. The Hospital is located some 105 km from Bamenda the Capital of the North West Region and 3 km from Kumbo Central town.

In 1972 Dr. Leonard Sunjo, was appointed as the first Cameroonian Chief Medical Officer. Since 1983 the Administration of the Hospital has been in the hands of African Tertiary Sisters of which the first matron was Sr. Xaveria Ntenmusi.


The following are main departments of Shisong General Hospital:
– Dental Clinic
– Eye Clinic
– Medical Department
– Pediatric Department
– Diagnostic imaging
– Laboratory
– Integrated day Care
– Physiotherapy
– Primary Health Care
– Pharmacy and Procurement

Other Services:
– Technical Department
– Canteen Services
– Laundry possibilities
– Resource Unit
– Administration

The hospital serves the sick both nationally and internationally. The outpatient department and laboratory services operate 24/7. The diagnostic imagery includes echocardiography, Holter-ECG, basic ECG, obstetric ultrasound, abdomino-pelvic ultrasound and x-ray services.

Sr. Dr. Helen Anshoma, Manager, St. Elizabeth Hospital Shisong

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