Saint Joseph’s Children and Adult Home (SAJOCAH) was created in March 1976. It was inaugurated that same year by the then Minister of Social Affairs, Madam Delphine Nsanga. The centre is owned and managed by the Tertiary Sisters of Saint Francis of Assisi (TSSF). It is situated in Mambu,  Bafut Subdivision. Bafut subdivision has a population of 57930 inhabitants and Mambu 2517 (Cameroon National institute of statistics).

Mambu is about 11km from Bamenda the capital of the North West region. It is surrounded by the following villages, Bawum, Mbebili and Mankanikong. The economic activity of the natives of Mambu is mostly farming. They cultivate for both subsistence and commercial purposes. They cultivate cassava for garri and waterfufu, corn, beans, groundnuts, plantains, cocoyam and palm nuts for oil. Few persons are involved in secondary and tertiary activities mostly in the areas of dress making, provision stores, hair dressing and restaurant services..


Telephone : +237 664 38 20 46
Address : P.O. Box 2177, N.W. Region Cameroon