The Tertiary Sisters of Saint Francis Health Centre in Mayo Darle is found in Mayo Darle Sub Division in Mayo Banyo Division of the Adamawa Region of Cameroon. It is one of the Health Centres that offer quality services in Mayo Banyo Division.

It was started at the Tin mine of Koudja about 8Km away from here in the late 1940s. In the 1970s the mine closed up and as the people were deserting the area, the dispensary was effectively transferred from the mine to the town of Mayo Darle in 1974.
Now the Centre has grown over the years and has three main blocks, with a bed capacity of 42 in the impatient department, 6 in the maternity and 2 in the labour ward. Its third block has 2 private rooms, a dentistry and a laundry. In 2009 the theater and the clinic department were added.

The health centre has a competent staff, always ready on duty to assist patients who come in. They include:

– One resident Medical Doctor
– One Laboratory Technician
– Two Diploma Nurses
– Two Midwives
– One Breveté Nurse
– Four Nurse Assistants
– Two Auxilliary Nurses
– One Driver
– One Cleaner
– Four religious making a total of nineteen

The Health Centre Area has a population of about 7;289 inhabitants: The Health Centre renders the following services

– Consultation
– Laboratory investigation (Serology, Parasitology and Biochemistry)
– Deliveries
– Preventive medicine (ANC and IWC)
– Admissions
– Dental care
– Ultrasound
– Rehabilitative services (people living with HIV and the Malnourished children)
– Home visits. The Health Centre Staff visits the people in their respective homes and gives them advice on hygienic practices in order to improve their health situation, healthy diet, and preventive measures.

– Ngatta and Hore Mayo-Darle.

We are chanced to run the following programs:

– Performance Base Financing (PBF)
– Insurance of pregnant women (Chaque Sainte)

Sr. Candida Loh (Matron)