The Holy Family Health Centre Djottin is run by the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis. It was opened in 1965 with a maternity block.  In 1969, the Dispensary was built, then the wards, theater, and other services like the laundry, canteen, etc.

The Health Centre is located in the North West Region of Cameroon, Bui Division, Noni Sub Division in Djottin Village, about 24 km from Kumbo, and under the Oku Health District.


– General consultation
– Laboratory investigations
– Ultrasound
– Pharmacy
– Primary Health Care
– Mother and Child Care
– Maternity (with baby’s incubator)
– Surgery with oxygen and others
– Stable solar energy

Our staff is qualified and dedicated as Holy Family Health Centre is one of the outstanding Centers in the Noni Sub Division and Oku Health District.


Based on the strategic plan of our Tertiary Sisters’ Health Services, our developmental plan is as follows:

– Fencing of Health Centre for security reasons
– Purchase of autoclave
– Renovation of the roof
– Construction of water catchment
– Resident doctor
– Other Temporal Activities
– General consultation by the visiting doctor from Shisong Hospital
– Cervical cancer screening
– Screening for prostrate diseases
– Dental consultation and surgery


By God’s grace and through the help of our benefactors, we are surviving day by day! We thank our benefactors:

– Nascent Solutions that provides feeding for children
– Missionszentrale der Franziskaner for the provision of hospital equipment: incubator for babies, oxygen cylinders, etc.  

Matron: Sr. Jacenta Wiykiynuy