All the Health Institutions of the TSSF do outreaches to centres below their levels: Health Centres visit Health Posts and Villages; Hospitals visit Health Centres and specialized Centres like the Cardiac Centre and or Orthopedic Surgical Department visit our other Hospitals and collaborating external institutions.

These outreaches are mainly to make Health Care mobile and more accessible to as many in the population as possible. By so doing, many, who could not travel long distances to reach Health Institutions have the possibility to access high level health care.

In Advance, the general public is informed through written announcements, radio and social media. Get more information and updates about our special outreaches in our news area.

Past Outreaches:

🡆 Cardiac Centre Outreach to Ntasen-Bamenda – 2020

🡆 Dental care Ourtreach St. Padre Pio Hospital Douala - 2020

🡆 Cardiac Center Outreach Buea - 2020

🡆 Medical Health Programm Tatum – 2020