An Introduction: KMHO

The Kumbo Mutual Health Organization is an initiative of the Kumbo Council. It was set up in 2004 with support from the German Society for International Cooperation (GTZ, now GIZ).  KMHO also relies on technical support from various other national and international institutions, but its financing depends on members’ premiums (annual contributions). KMHO is apolitical, non profit making organization and non-racial or social discriminative.

In order to become a member, a household pays a registration fee and regular annual contributions.

Members play a role in management and oversight of the KMHO, making sure the scheme and its resources are well managed. Kumbo Municipal Council plays a supervisory role. Moreover, it provides infrastructure and office equipment and takes care of overheads such as electricity and water.

In order to benefit in cases of need, the members of KMHO have to pay their contributions diligently. Depending on the kind of services they get, the fund covers 50 % to 75 % of their hospital costs – provided that they have paid their premiums regularly.

The current Socio-Political crisis in the anglophone Regions of Cameroon has not left the KMHO unaffected. The displacement of many from Kumbo and the sorroundings coupled with the decline in economic activities rendered the population poorer. The KMHO has been witnessing a great decrease in the number of adherents since the beginning of the crisis since late 2016.

Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon

Since 2017, Cameroon's mainly English-speaking Northwest and Southwest regions have been rocked by violence after separatists declared the independence of Ambazonia. DW examines the untold suffering caused by the unrest.