The Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis may have the vision, but it is those who come to use the service that complete the cycle and confirm the vision. We thank the 50,000 women, men and children that give us the opportunity to “spend time to care” for them when they are sick.

To be a patient, however, is not anyone’s permanent condition. All of us become patient at one time or another. Do not roam around when you are sick, but contact us immediate for management of the situation. When sickness is nursed for long, treatment becomes a big challenge. If we cannot handle it, we know where to refer you! So, we are at your service for every ailment, and in particular, for the following specialisations:

Our sisters offer health services in 14 locations within the Cameroon Province, including St. Elisabeth Catholic General Hospital in Shisong, which has the only cardiac center in the Central Africa Region.

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9 April, 2021 by Dr. Ayeni Gilbert

Covid-19: Challenges of a soceity | 09.04.2021
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It is one year since the COVID-19 pandemic spread all over the entire World. We have since then seen limitation of daily life, economies have been and are still threatened. The challenges for health institutions and the health of populations all over the world have been overwhelming…

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Published on 26 October 2021 by Author

CommuniCare – Sept. 2021 (If God were not in this war…)
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Dear Collaborators,

greetings from Bamenda!
Kindly find here attached the September edition of the TSSF Healthcare Newsletter. Thanks for all your commentaries, which, hopefully, are helping us improve.

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14 July, 2021 by Author

CommuniCare – June 2021 | 50th Anniversary TSSF Cameroon
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Dear Collaborators

We are glad to share with you the June Edition of CommuniCare, the TSSF Health Newsletter. Thanks for the positive comments you have been giving us. We hope this information keeps us on the same page and gives you tools for the advocacy you have always done on our behalf.

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