We welcome students of medical, paramedical and other professional fields represented at our institutions indiscriminately from Cameroon and abroad. We remain committed to empowering young professionals with knowledge and skills that should improve healthcare practice in our society. In order to benefit from this opportunity, kindly send an application through our contact information or contact the specific Health Institution where you desire to carry out your internship or practical.


The contribution of volunteers in the ongoing formation of our staff in the bank of care for our clients has remained a great resource for us.  In order to volunteer in our services, the requirements are as follows:

1. Write an application to our general Health Direction Office or to the specific Institution. To this application, shall be attached your relevant certificates and CV.

2. Attestation of own sustainability.

NB: Where possible, we offer free lodging to our volunteers.

Tel: +237 683 77 77 38

Shisong Kumbo, Cameroon

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