"break the circles of poverty in families and society"

Most of the TSSF educational and career institutions started as Girls Vocational Schools following the spirit of Maria Hueber, aimed at preparing girls for specific profession and self-employment. In response to the needs and signs of the times, the TSSF changed the character of their institutions by admitting boys and raising them to the statues of Comprehensive Colleges.

Today, the TSSF own and run Comprehensive High Schools in Kumbo, Bamenda, Mamfe, Bafoussam Dioceses and Ngoundere Diocese in its creation process. It is our concern to respond to the educational needs of the young Cameroonians. Following the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi and Maria Hueber, we welcome and offer integral education which influences the lives of the young positively, enabling them to be self-reliant, cultivate God-fearing values and live with vision and right orientation in this contemporary society.

In our Health Institutions, a multiple number of works of life are employed. Any Job opportunities available are advertised here. If there is no Job opening here, we still invite you, if interested, to get in contact with us or simply forward your application as E-Mail attachment to the following contact: tssfhealthdirector@gmail.com

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