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The Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis in Cameroon are the African Province of a congregation of Roman Catholic religious sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis. The order was founded in Brixen, Italy (lies in the South Tyrol region of that country). Our international motherhouse is based in Rome. Our congregation was founded by Maria Hueber on September 12, 1700. After Hueber’s mother died, she looked for something meaningful in her life. Her confessor, Isidor Kirnigl, gave her strong encouragement to start a religious community. We live our lives inspired by the life of St. Francis of Assisi, and under the Rule of the Franciscan Third Order Regulars.

The Cameroon Province was established when five Sisters were sent from Italy in response to a request for help by the Mill Hill Fathers working in Cameroon at the time. Our Rev. Sisters range in age from 18 to 80 years today. 



The first group of missionaries arrived Douala in October 16. 1935 where they were met by Fr. Franz Figl, M.H.M. After resting, the missionary band set out for Shisong, Kumbo traveling first by train as far as Nkongsamba, and the rest of the trip by car. Finding that a major bridge had been washed away by torrential rains, the Sisters were given hospitality by the Catholic populace of Babessi. They continued to Shisong, finally arriving at their destination and formally establishing their mission on April 8. 1936.

The Sisters returned later to Babessi and established a number of services for the people of that region. Today the Province numbers over 300 Sisters, who work in many fields of service, from medical care to nursing homes to social services. The Reverend Sisters of the Cameroon province formed a relationship in the year 2000 with three other congregations of the Franciscan Sisters in the United States, who had developed from one community and were looking for ways to mark their common sesquicentennial of foundation. They created what they call the “Common Venture” in which the American Sisters mentor the African Sisters on ways to better their spiritual and professional development. In 2008, the Province established its own mission to assist the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lafia in Nigeria.

Firstly, the mission of the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis “to see and serve Christ in all by spending time to care” has continued to propel us and our personnel to place priority of the wellness and recovery of the sick. We don’t just instruct or supervise, majority of our members are in the health care profession as nurses, doctors, midwives, physiotherapists, laboratory technicians, etc. This mission commitment fits into the overall mission of the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis: “to be an empowering presence” in every undertaking.

Secondly, to offer quality services in the apostolate through efficient and effective management practices which enhance self-reliance, drawn from community life and holistic formation.

Thirdly, to pray, be attentive and responsive to the will of God in the signs of the times.

Fourthly and lastly to offer quality services in the apostolate through efficient and effective management practices which enhance self-reliance, drawn from community life and holistic formation.

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